U.S. Overseas Outbound Travel Increases

October Year-to-Date (2012/2011) Comparisons
U.S. travel to overseas markets reached 25 million, up six percent in the first ten months. The U.S. outbound market continues to be an exciting source market for hotel companies and destinations. With offices in New York and Scottsdale, Connect Worldwide excels at delivering US outbound travelers to your brand.

Regional results were:
• Europe, 9.9 million travelers, up four percent
• Caribbean, 5.4 million travelers, up eight percent
• Asia, 3.6 million travelers, up five percent
• Central America, 2.0 million travelers, up 12 percent
• South America, 1.4 million travelers, up three percent
• Middle East, 1.2 million travelers, up 12 percent
• Oceania, 439,000 travelers, up nine percent
• Africa, 310,000 travelers, up one percent

October 2012 Year-to Date Market Share
U.S. travelers to overseas locations accounted for 47 percent of U.S. outbound international travel. 53% of international travel went to Canada and Mexico.
• Europe, a nineteen percent share;
• Caribbean, an eleven percent share;
• Asia, a seven percent share;
• Central America, a four percent share;
• South America, a three percent share;
• Middle East, a two percent share;
• Oceania, a one percent share, and
• Africa, almost a one percent share.

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