Travel Industry COVID-19 Impact: Our Honest Story

Let’s be honest and real. As an international travel sales and marketing company, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our business and global team. We had to say goodbye to some of our team members who have become family over the past 20 years. Gut-wrenching decisions were made as borders closed and clients asked for support in reducing their costs. We adapted quickly, went virtual and pivoted our business model. In a few of the markets around the world, government support helped us through the most difficult time we have ever seen. A conservative financial approach throughout the years allowed us to weather the storm thus far, and Connect Worldwide is financially strong going into 2021. Most importantly our core team is intact, energized and ready to move forward for our new and existing clients.

How Did We Pivot as a Global Travel Company?

Like everyone else we moved our sales and marketing efforts online and we zoomed extensively! The pause in business gave us a real opportunity to think about how to stay relevant in the years to come. We completely overhauled and redesigned our website. Luxpitality shifted from a groups, events and venue finding company to a hotel marketing company for cool and unique hotels. Our Japan office moved from a purely travel related team to representing companies in the beverage industry. Our Mexico office has become a leading digital marketing agency in Mexico. And, the Connect Worldwide hotel division is now a full-service outsourcing organization for regional, national and international hotel sales. We have been busy reinventing ourselves and it has been an awesome experience.

New Clients During the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Despite the borders closing and international travel coming to a halt, travel companies are thinking beyond the pandemic to the future. In Connect Worldwide’s case, more than 40 independent member hotels have joined Luxpitality. Our hotel division added Jumeirah as a partner for 2021. Our Destination division signed Peru and Costa Rica as clients. We also added multiple non-travel related accounts. A huge thank you to our global team for developing these high-quality connections and partnerships during a very difficult time.

Is Your Brand Ready to Travel the World?

As we approach 2021, there is no doubt Connect Worldwide is still the best international sales and marketing travel company, and your go-to team to market your brand internationally, through extraordinary local teams who are dedicated and passionate about you. Let’s talk.

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