Top 9 Destination Marketing Blogs

The world of destination marketing can be such a small and specific corner of the marketing industry. But a quick Google search isn’t necessarily going to find a great assortment of resources if you’re looking for information such as up-to-date industry trends or how to utilize social media influencers to promote your city, state or country. However, it’s quality over quantity that really counts, and below are some of the top blogs you can read to be in the know about these topics and more.

Connect Worldwide is a hotel and destination marketing agency that specializes in sales, public relations, event management, travel trade and social media marketing. Our comprehensive blog covers international travel marketing trends and how to attract the right kind of travelers to your destination at the right times. With updates each month, you can stay ahead of the best marketing practices and advice for showcasing your destination in the most meaningful ways.

This online training and mentoring facility based in Australia also works in the consultancy field to help tourist boards reel in visitors. Its blog can help you with topics like current visitor trends and what strategies successful visitor centers deploy. You can select whether you’re a destination or a tourism operator to get actionable content specifically for your tourism business.

Advance Travel and Tourism has a blog for DMOs and attractions. Learn how to target specific travel behaviors with blog topics like how to make your traveler data work for you and different kinds of video marketing you could be taking advantage of.

Leonardo’s robust blog helps users navigate tourism marketing trends. Some topics include how to create eye-catching online content and conquer TripAdvisor’s algorithm to make sure your destination gets noticed when travelers are making purchase decisions. Simply select a blog topic category to find content tailored to what exactly you’d like to learn, from storytelling to targeting to merchandising.

Dana Communications specializes in helping hotels, events and destinations reach and engage their ideal audiences. With blog topics that showcase how to target specific audiences like millennials and wellness seekers, Dana can help you target niche travelers.

Specializing in hotel marketing, TMG’s blog helps its readers stay up to date on social media trends, online review response tips, and the newest research on search and SEO.

Sojern shares insights into traveler behaviors from “dream to destination,” turning that data into something you can use for your own destination. The blog covers topics like how to produce effective online content and strategies that appeal to the always-on traveler.

Specializing in digital marketing for the hospitality industry, Vizergy’s blog features timely topics like how to attract visitors to your destination or attraction during the holidays as well as behind-the-scenes-looks at specific hotel design projects.

As the world leader in digital inflight advertising, PXCom knows how to utilize a captive audience, taking tourists already in flight and allowing you to showcase your travel company. PXCom’s blog will help you gain insight into how to market to specific cultures, use cutting-edge technology or what to expect at popular travel destinations.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran destination marketer, these resources will definitely help you up your game when it comes to marketing your destination in a way that minimizes work and maximizes results.

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