Partnerships Are Essential to Growth in the Travel Industry

The ability to reach audiences, attract awareness, excite interest, and convert it into action can be a significant challenge—particularly in the age of competition for tourism dollars strengthening around the world.

Today the most successful companies build bridges, and the selection of strategic partners with whom to collaborate is becoming more and more important.

Partnership is usually defined as a voluntary collaborative agreement between two or more parties in which all participants agree to work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task and to share risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits. Partnerships are what enable many travel companies to grow. By sharing with others, hotel companies, airlines, cruise lines, destinations and car rental companies can direct resources and capabilities to revenue improvement projects and growth ambitions.

At Connect Worldwide, we believe that meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Partnerships are what enable our company and our clients to make continuous improvements. Through these strategic partnerships, we can direct resources and capabilities to generate revenue for our clients.

Connect Worldwide maximizes your destination’s tourism budget by building strategic partnerships and combining marketing efforts into one coherent voice. A like-minded partnership approach to marketing provides greater strength, unity, and leveraged results, which will more effectively market the destination together when compared to individual efforts. We go beyond the traditional partner selection and bring in potential partners from other industries to maximize impact and sustainability.

Connect Worldwide successfully partners with companies such as Choice Hotels, Royal Resorts, Paradores Hoteles, Utell, Las Vegas, Houston, etc. for the development of tourism and hotel revenue and is looking for additional representation partnerships. Recent travel industry partnership examples are Marriott and Cosmopolitan Resort Las Vegas, Pegasus and HP, Southwest and Volaris, and Tauck, Disney and Alamo, United and Air Canada, and British Airways and Iberia.

When two parties leverage their assets, resources, expertise, client base etc. for the mutual benefit of both, partnering results in synergies. Contact us to learn more.


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