How To Pick the Best International Representation in the Travel Industry

You know the importance of getting your travel brand out there, and how helpful it can be to get international representation to do so. Yet, how do you choose who will best aid your company in growing sales and reaching people around the globe? What are the things you should look for when finding a team to help you market your destination?

Here are a few things you should take into consideration as you seek out a team who is qualified to show off what it is that you do best:

Personalized Service

One of the main ways to trust that you’ve chosen the right service to represent your destination in the travel industry is by how much individualized attention they are willing and able to provide, and how much they tailor their services to your specific needs, goals, and budget. You want the international representation of your company to show off what it is that you do best, not what a cookie-cutter service does to market every destination they represent.

Travelers today want authenticity, honesty, and a genuine brand experience, which they will only get if your representation provides that kind of experience. Our team thrives on boutique marketing and individualized attention, so your company is able to be seen and stand out.

If you want your marketing to reflect your destination’s unique point of view, you can’t do that with a prepackaged marketing plan that doesn’t match the intricacies and unique qualities of your brand. Instead, you need to work with a team that wants to show off what it is that only your destination stands for.

Authentic Community Engagement

No matter where your company is posting their pictures, ads, blogs, or posts, or if they are hosting live chats, there is bound to be engagement with travelers through comments, reviews, questions and posts. These are all ways to engage with potential guests and customers and develop meaningful relationships, and they are becoming the norm — not the exception.

Your international sales team should not only work to make contact with these groups, but they should also make real, authentic connections with these groups. The only way to reach someone through a screen on the other side of the world is with truth, authenticity, and messages that fit who your destination is at its core.

One of the best parts of CWW is its international boutique sales and marketing team, who focus solely on your company’s marketing strategy. In hiring a team to represent your destination, you want every online interaction to perfectly reflect your destination’s tone and mission. This extends to social media and creating memorable, meaningful exchanges with online guests, turning them into real-life guests.

Marketing to a New Kind of Traveler

The business of tourism has evolved over the past decade with the rise of newer and newer technology, and with it comes a younger traveler, too. These travelers want to discover and plan everything about their trip online, and it’s up to your international sales team to catch their attention.

Why is it so important to reach this younger demographic of travelers? Because many of them share their personal experiences online and on social media, and their authentic stories and reviews of their stay with you then reach their followers, who learn about your company, earning you extra social media without spending another cent.

So what should your international sales team do to reach these travelers online? Our team of travel experts already have access to an international audience, plus extensive knowledge in social media and digital innovation. We know that many travelers want genuine, local experiences in their international travels, and we know how to grab their attention so they can see the unique service you provide.

Getting Started

Connect Worldwide meets you where you are (no matter which hemisphere) to provide outstanding personalized services, community engagement, and marketing. Additionally, we provide:

  • Public Relations and Consultancy: You may not need ongoing support, but if you’re starting a project, launching a new campaign, creating promotions, or even managing events, CWW is there for you.
  • Representation: We are the team that can maximize your global footprint because we have in-country expert representatives across the world who have the connections, local knowledge, and experience to successfully promote your brand and increase visitation.

Is your destination ready to see the increase in visitation you’ve been looking for? If you’re looking for the best international representation, look no further than CWW to make genuine connections with travelers from around the world, then turn those connections into real sales. Contact us today to see how our personalized, tailored attention to your brand can make all the difference.

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