Drive Bookings for Independent, Unique and Boutique Hotels

Included in the Connect Worldwide suite of international travel brands is Luxpitality. At Luxpitality, we partner alongside independent hotels and resorts with design, culture, local traditions and stories which make them so unique. Each Luxpitality hotel is a forward-thinking innovator that will shape the future of the hospitality industry.

Luxpitality works hard to ensure our independent hotel partners are able serve their guests the best travel experience. We employ a tactical sales and marketing approach to drive direct sales and bookings to our independent hotels. You can think of Luxpitality as an extension of your in-house sales and marketing teams.
Below we outline how our services and technologies help your hotel get in front of new audiences, book more business, and make more money.


You will never get charged an upfront fee to join the Luxpitality portfolio. There are no hidden costs. We deem ourselves successful only after we make you successful. That means bringing you the business first. We only collect when the guest or group has actualized their stay at your hotel.

Preserving Your Brand

As an independent hotel, your brand is everything. It is what sets you apart from the corporate hotels, attracts the guests you want and creates an unforgettable experience that keeps people coming back. As a member, you can be confident that we take great pride in partnering with hotels whose brand harmonizes with other members of the Luxpitality portfolio.

Individual and Group Bookings

We have your leisure and business travel covered. Get the guests in the demographic you want with our booking engine technologies and strategic relationships with our suite of travel agencies and businesses.

The Referral Program

Luxpitality has a lead referral program that funds your hotel incentive programs. Submit a lead and receive a referral fee. It keeps your teams engaged and motivated, whether you want to encourage a sales manager or an entire department.

These incredible services are to help get your independent hotel everything it needs to succeed and compete in the market. We will work to keep your unique brand at the center, while we fade into the background and get bookings directly into your hands.

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