Costa Rica Appoints Connect Worldwide Mexico

Costa Rica Appoints CWW Mexico as its Representation Agency

Connect Worldwide has been appointed by Esencial Costa Rica as its representation agency for marketing, trade and public relations for the Mexican market. Esencial Costa Rica is the Spanish speaking branch of Essential Costa Rica and Visit Costa Rica, led by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, the official tourism organization of the Central American country.

Costa Rica is the leading country in sustainability, adventure and natural activities in the America’s. Costa Rica’s vision is to protect and preserve our environment through responsible tourism, and to showcase their culture to the Mexican market and the world.

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is considered one of the top 5 countries for experiences that features approximately 5% of the planet’s species. The lush wild environment can be experienced throughout the country and is easily accessible to the visitor. Costa Rica is a safe paradise, with a stable political and economic climate and development, providing visitors with a tranquil setting for their stay. It is one of the few countries in the world with no army and its people have a peaceful disposition which makes for a perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Costa Rica provides the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, culture, fine cuisine and wildlife, and is the home of four World Heritage sites certified by UNESCO.


“It is our wish and drive that Costa Rica resonates all over the world through our strategies; we want to be an inspiration so people can come and experience this paradise on Earth.” said Gustavo Alvarado, Costa Rica tourism minister.

¨We are very excited to have Costa Rica as part of our clients. Mexico is a very important market for Costa Rica and has grown organically throughout the years. With our help and a carefully designed strategy, we are confident that we can make grow the Mexican market even more and have it become an aspirational destination for people looking for sustainable tourism, adventure and biodiversity ”, said Mauricio González, CEO of CWW México.


About Costa Rica
Costa Rica is located in Central América, between Nicaragua on the north and Panama on the south, the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. With abundant wildlife, landscapes and unique weather, this little country proudly holds approximately 5% of the world’s known biodiversity. With the aim to protect and preserve the riches of their natural resources, Costa Rica has become the world leader on sustainable practices with preserved areas that represent 26% of the continental surface. With a peaceful spirit, a strong focus on education and a tourism, technology and exports based economy, the people from Costa Rica and its visitors enjoy one of the highest life quality levels and organizes the touristic infrastructure of Latin America: a tropical paradise with exuberant jungle, volcanoes and mystical cloudy forests, as well as beaches, that are mistaken by mountains full of monkeys and exotic birds. Offering vast options of activities and places to stay, the tourists that visit Costa Rica can find many hotel options from small bed & breakfasts by the beach, to authentic boutique hotels in the mountains, including top international hotel brands. The lodging options in Costa Rica offer something attractive to everyone. The “Pura Vida” phrase can be heard echoing all across Costa Rica. It is used as a way to say hello or an expression of happiness. It means “full of life” and describes precisely the sense of adventure and wonder that awaits the visitors.

About the ICT
Created in 1955, the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism regulates and promotes Costa Rica. The ICT and its partners in the private sector work to gather knowledge, standardize practices, provide data from research and push the cultural development of environmentally friendly products and touristic resources from coast to coast.

About Connect Worldwide ( )
CWW is a global sales, marketing  and digital services company with a focus on international market expansion and revenue development. Their clients include tourism destinations, independent hotels, hotel brands, and travel-related companies. CWW represents 20 hotel brands and 25 destinations. The company headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona and has 21 offices around the world.

Connect Worldwide Contact: Cynthia Hernández,