South Korea

connectworldwide South Korea
Address: Connect-Worldwide Korea
Room 804, Center building, 91-1
Sogong-dong, Chung-gu,
Seoul, 100-070 | Korea
Tel: (822) 754-6003
Toll Free: (822) 753-9040

Agency Management: Chanho Hong

Number of years in the travel industry: 29 years

Past Work Experience:
Connect-Worldwide Korea – 2005 to Current
TAMS Inc. – 2005 to Current
Meebang Air Agencies, Co., Ltd. – 1999 to Current
Sales and Marketing Manager of Turkish Airways -1996 to 1999
Chief of Specialty team of Blue Travel Agencies,Ltd.-1994 to 1996

College/University Name: Hankook University of Foreign Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration

Member of professional organizations:
Board of Airline Representatives, Korea
CSC member of Star Alliance
SKAL, Korea
Korea Chile Society
Korea Travel and Tourism
Advisor of Korean Association of Travel Agents

Our expertise: CWW South Korea /connectworldwide provides outsourced global travel representation in the areas of sales, marketing, and PR specifically for the Travel Industry. Our focus is on international market expansion and revenue development for our clients. We have global reach and local impact.

Specific Market Info: CWW Korea was established on May 1, 1981 to present the beautiful world to the Korean market through representation of foreign airlines companies. CWW Korea is a leading marketing and sales service organization, providing total aviation as well as travel marketing and sales services for hotels and destinations marketing. CWW Korea’s operating principle is specialized in sales and marketing for the Korean outbound market. They work with travel intermediaries to increase sales in order to meet the company’s client target sales and requirements. Serving as an extension of the clients’sales and marketing structure, CWW Korea’s sales and marketing forces are customer-oriented, have in-depth local industry knowledge, and experience to help achieve sales targets and heighten brand awareness.


Market Profile:

Korea is considered one of the rising attractive travel markets for both inbound & outbound travel. According to the Korea Tourism Board, the outbound market from Jan. 2013 to Oct. 2013 has grown by 9.3% compared to the same period in 2012, with the numbers of more than 10 million (11,248,815). Also, more Koreans will travel outside of the country for leisure purposes as the economy develops. The inbound market in 2013 has also grown by 6.1% compared to 2012, with the more numbers than 10 million (10,339,050) due to new Korean trends such as Han wave, K-Pop & etc.