connectworldwide Israel
Address: 2 Iben Gvirol Street
Tel Aviv 64077 | Israel
Tel: 972 3 691 5580
Toll Free: 972 3 696 5596Email:

Agency Management: Joel Sagi

In the industry for: 25 years

Past Work Experience:
15 years Director of the Polaris group of companies
Managing Director of Pullman Tours, Israel.
Director for Maof Airlines for Switzerland and Austria
Lecturer at Tourism schools (Haifa University and Tel Aviv College)

Travel expert studies – Ministry of Tourism
IATA Geneva

Professional organizations
Israel Tour operators association (member of comptroller committee)
Israel Travel Agents association

Our expertise:CWW Israel /connectworldwide provides outsourced global travel representation in the areas of sales, marketing, and PR specifically for the Travel Industry. Our focus is on international market expansion and revenue development for our clients. We have global reach and local impact.

Specific Market Info:Israel per capita is considered a major outbound travel producer with 8 million inhabitants and over 4 million departures annually representing over 50% of the population travelling.  Strong economy and relatively week foreign currency enable a convenient market growth and favorable GDP. With over 500 travel agencies and some 30 wholesalers and 80 foreign carriers operating into our country the tourism industry is considered to be one of the locomotives of growth in Israel.

CWW Israel has been in operative in Israel for the past 12 years, leading marketing and sales service organization and providing strategic sales & marketing representations for foreign entities.  CWW Israel has a long term personal relationship with the key clients in the travel – hotel and airline industry.

CWW ישראל הנה חברת ייצוג בינלאומית המתמחה בייצוג של חברות תיירות זרות – בין היתר בתחום המלונאות, תעופה, ושרותי תיירות. CWW קיימת בישראל למעלה מ 12 שנים. מרכז החברה בפיניקס ארה”ב . החברה מתמחה בשווק ומכירות בתחום תעשיית התיירות  והמלונאות – בין לקוחותיה נמנים חברת צ’ויס העולמית וחברות נוספות בתחומן. לCWW מעל 44 נציגויות ברחבי העולם.


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