Connect-Worldwide Japan Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to announce the formation of Connect-Worldwide Japan Co., Ltd. With the new company we are reaffirming Connect-Worldwide’s commitment to the Japanese travel and tourism market and establishing a platform from which to grow and expand our travel representation business in Japan to meet our client needs.

Connect-Worldwide Japan is owned by Marjorie L. Dewey, former president of Advance International, Ltd., and Eric J. Otto, President and CEO of Connect-Worldwide International. Advance International served as the Connect Worldwide affiliate in Japan for the past eight years. Connect-Worldwide Japan will assume the management of existing Advance International representation clients and the company’s sales and marketing team.

Connect-Worldwide is the fastest growing global travel representation company. Through our international network of sales and marketing experts in 30 countries and regions, we provide both global and local sales and marketing solutions for travel companies and destination marketing organizations.

As Connect-Worldwide Japan we look forward to continuing our representation service for Choice Hotels, Mississippi River, Kentucky, and Memphis.

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