connectworldwide Austria
Address: 1055 Budapest,
25. Balassi Balint St. 1/4 | Hungary
Tel: +36 1 220 6140
Mobile: +36 70 9446960

Agency Management: Robert Lucskai
Number of years in the travel industry: 12 years

Past Work Experience:
Marriott International
Hunguest Hotels, Hungary
Hortus Naturae Hotels, Hungary
Civis Hotels, Hungary

College of Economy and Commerce (KGF), Szolnok, Hungary
Degree Awarded: Economist in Hotel and Catering Business
Other Schooling: Budapest College of Economy (BGF), Budapest, Hungary
Degree Awarded: Economist in Marketing Communication

Fluent Languages:
Hungarian, English, Russian

Our expertise: CWW Austria/connectworldwide provides outsourced global travel representation in the areas of sales, marketing, and PR specifically for the Travel Industry. Our focus is on international market expansion and revenue development for our clients. We have global reach and local impact.

Specific Market Info: The Eastern European market is considered an emerging market in regards to outbound travel. There is high growth projected for the area, mainly because of the fast growing economies. The majority of the holiday travelers are first generation travelers  Mainstream holidays, city breaks and round trips have good potential in these markets, while niche offers have less interest, though there is room to grow.

There are 4 key markets in the region: Poland (due to the size of its population), Czech Republic and Slovakia (due to the large amount of people traveling abroad from these countries), and Hungary (because of its central position). The top destinations from Eastern Europe are Ukraine, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, China, Thailand, Morocco, India, and Montenegro.

The internet penetration in Eastern European markets is lower than the European average. It‘s growing fast, therefore there is great potential as a distribution channel. Also, the financial crisis stimulates the travelers to search for the best travel deals over the web.

CWW Eastern Europe offers sales and marketing representations for both hotels and destinations. CWW Eastern Europe’s deep knowledge of the market as well as the travel industry and its key players, is a guarantee of success in every market segments. Our clients consistently improve their revenue, market share and brand recognition.

CWW Eastern Europe