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Costa Rica

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Address: Edificio Grosbec, Of. No. 2, Barrio Lujan
Del Cuerpo de Bomberos 50 m. Oeste
San Jose, 1000 | Costa Rica
Tel: 506 255 4411 – 2581713
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Agency Management: Ana Mari Bordallo
Present Work and Experience: Ana Mari Bordallo is the original founder, only owner and President of Ofihotel S.A. in San José, Costa Rica. Ofihotel was established 27 years ago, to focus on outbound travel in Costa Rica and Central America. The company represents CWW since 2004. Interacting with retail and wholesalers travel agencies, as well as direct consumers.

In addition, Ofihotel represents the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Dallas in Costa Rica and Central American since 2005. Also operates as General Sales Agent for Budget Rent a Car, for international reservations since 2003. Started representing “Divino Tours”, Panama.

Past Work Experience: Represented for 15 years Louisiana State, GSA Trust House Forte Hotels.

Education: Hotel Management degree from ULACIT University in San Jose, Costa Rica

Languages: Spanish, English and French.

Member of professional organizations:
Visit USA Committee – Costa Rica President
La Cumbre- Chairperson Costa Rica
Pow Wow- Chairperson Costa Rica

Our expertise: CWW Costa Rica /connectworldwide provides outsourced global travel representation in the areas of sales, marketing, and PR specifically for the Travel Industry. Our focus is on international market expansion and revenue development for our clients. We have global reach and local impact.
Market Profile:

Costa Rica is located in Central America, between Panama and Nicaragua, well known for its political and economic stability, country with no army.

Based on the Costa Rican Central Bank, in 2014, Costa Rican population, will reach almost 4.8 million, with a per capita income of $10.528.20 dollars, a 7% increase. Costa Rica is known worldwide for the quality of its human resources, as a result of a strong investment in education in the past.  Therefore, a percentage of the Costa Ricans, obtains well-paying jobs, that allows them, to travel outside of the country, (worldwide) both for business and leisure purposes.

The United States is by far, the preferred destination for Costa Rican travelers.  Based on the US Department of Commerce and the International Travel Administration, the number of Costa Rican travelers to the US, will have a growth of 3% to 4% in the next two years.  Major reasons for choosing U.S. travel destinations include:  proximity to U.S., the many travel destination options, attractions for all ages, many options for shoppers and the large and interesting trade conventions.

Another important fact to mention, is that with the presence of the main and airlines, there is an offer of direct flights; 10 to 23 most visited cities in the U.S.

Costa Rica, localizada en Centro América, entre Panamá y Nicaragua, conocida por su estabilidad política y económica; no tiene ejército.

 Basado en los datos suministrados por el Banco Central, en 2014, Costa Rica llegará a tener más o menos 4.8 millones de habitantes, con un ingreso en dólares, per cápita de  $10.538.20, un  7% de incremento.  Costa Rica es conocida mundialmente por la calidad humana de sus habitantes, como resultado de una gran inversión en el pasado en educación; lo que les permite viajar por el mundo entero, tanto para viajes de negocios como de placer.

Estados Unidos es el destino preferido de los costarricenses.  Basado en datos del Departamento de Comercio de los Estados Unidos y el “International Travel Administration”, el  número de pasajeros a los Estados Unidos crecerá de un 3% a un 4% en los próximos dos años.  Las razones más importantes para escoger los Estados Unidos son: su cercanía, las múltiples opciones de destinos, atracciones para todas las edades, variedad de opciones de compras y para convenciones.  Otro aspecto importante a mencionar, es que con la presencia de las más importantes líneas aéreas, hay una oferta de vuelos directos de entre 10 a 23, a  las ciudades más visitadas en los Estados Unidos


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